Hello and welcome to my site.  My name is Dr. Charles Benjamin Evans II…aka Dr. Ben Evans.  I am a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician with a passion for all things related to men’s health and wellness, including, but not limited to, Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

I believe that if men, and all adults, were to focus on preventative healthcare, healthcare screening at appropriate intervals, greatly reducing useless foodstuffs from their diet, maintaining an active lifestyle to include cardiovascular and strength training endeavors, and optimizing their gender-specific hormones, then not only would their lifespans increase, but so would their overall functionality, sense of well being, and enjoyment.

With my family of healthcare clinics, including Men’s Vitality Center and Scottsdale Internal Medicine, it remains my commitment to continue to provide intelligent, thoughtful, appropriate, and EFFECTIVE medical treatment to my patients.

 Thank you for entrusting me to assist you on your road to maximum health and vitality.


                                                                                                             To your health,

                                                                                                                    Dr. Ben Evans